Bead Blasting Disclosure Document, and Release of Liability Form
The purpose of this letter is for disclosure and release of liability from Bella Vita Pool & Spa. In order to complete your tile bead blasting, we wanted to relate that although bead blasting can remove most if not all of the calcium and hard water mineral deposits, it is not always perfect. We do not claim to provide you with new tile or guarantee any results. Although the cases are rare, in some cases tile can crack or chip especially if there is already wear on tile or rockwork. We are not responsible for any cracks or chips in any surface, or any other damage as a result of bead blasting. Owner may be responsible to drain and fill pool and spa water to proper levels if not in contract, and if so it is owners responsibility to do so to ensure completion of bead blasting. Although in most cases bead blasting is the safest and most efficient method of cleaning pool, spa and water feature tile work and rock work from calcium and hard water mineral deposits; and in most cases the results have only positive and beautiful results, we want to inform you of all possibilities and understand that we are released from all liability of such upon signature of this form. We take every precaution necessary, and we hope you are extremely happy satisfied with our service.
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Bella Vita Pool & Spa Services, Inc.

Bella Vita Pool & Spa Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 2515
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