Our Services are able to be cancelled at any time by either party with a 30day written notice. Service is automatically billed on the first of every month, for that service month.
The Following is included in your “regular service” price listed above:

• Netting, Brushing, Vacuuming pool as needed.
• Test and adjust water chemistry for Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Conditioner, Salinity & Phosphates.
• Provide & balance chemicals.* (up to 1 gallon of chlorine, 1/2 gallon of acid, & 1 tab are included)
• Inspect Equipment operation, & inspect for any visual issues or leaks. (heater operation is not always checked unless requested)
• Check and notate water level.
• Empty pump and skimmer baskets.
• Brush Pool tile with appropriate soap as needed.
• Backwash filter as needed.
• Inform customers of any issues, & keep record of pool condition & chemistry.

*The following is NOT included:

• Any extra labor above and beyond normal weekly service conditions. (excess debris, or service exceeds 45min)
• Filter cleaning. (This is done at least once per year by manufacturers specs, and then done as needed. Cartridge, undersized, older, or quad filters need to be cleaned more often. ) ($110 for most filters, $85 single cartridge)
• Repairs or replacements of any kind. (repair labor billed at rate of $100/hr)
• Cyanic Acid (Conditioner) is billed once yearly in April and balanced through the year. ($75pools, $35spas)
• Algaecides (all types) are billed once yearly in September and used through the year. ($75pools, $35spas)
• Phosphate removers. ($70/bottle, left on-site)
• Calcium, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Metal Reducers, Oil & Scum reducers, stain & scale reducers, flocking agents, clarity chemicals, diatomaceous earth, & salt. (prices vary) (Please note: any needed chemicals under $75. will be used and applied to your invoice. Any needed chemicals that are needed that exceed $75, prior written approval must be made first from the customer. )

** For weekly service, please note that your price is based on a 4 week month. (48 weeks out of 52 weeks in a year.) These four extra days allow for weather, sick days or vacation.

Billing / Service Rates:

• Labor is billed at $100. per hour
• Extra visit: billed at .25 monthly service rate. (Extra service visit may also be applied if visit exceeds more than 45 minutes. (due to excess debris or algae that is out of our control).)
• Service call: Billed at $45.
• Emergency Service Call: (before or after 8am-6pm M-F, or Weekends and Holidays): Billed at $90.

***Chemical pricing, and service charges are subject to change due to market conditions, etc. Prior written notice will be given at least 15 days in advance for service charge changes if necessary.

****Please note that if you have a locked entry, any attempts to service your pool or spa and we find the gate to be locked counts as a successful service attempt and is fully billable. We strongly suggest allowing us to have either a code or place a lock box (provided by Bella Vita) on site to store a key and avoid any issues.

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